geert de smet artist





Geert De Smet (1960) first studied directing  (Toneelregie 1983 RITCS) and acting (Drama 1988  Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel).He studied drawing and painting (Rijksacademie Beeldende Kunst Anderlecht 1996) and finds in sculpting his own language and creates an impressive oeuvre.

He practised his acting during several years in theatres in Belgium and Holland and teaches drama at SLAC Conservatorium te Leuven since 1996.
Being tired of expressing other persons feelings and thoughts he turned towards the visual arts where he feels like coming home… 

Geert De Smet works and lives in Wijgmaal near Leuven, Belgium.

Pictures on this site are from Boris Kuijpers, Tim Van de Velde, Lieve Kuypers en Geert De Smet